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PUBG MOBILE VN Version 2.6.0

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PUBG Mobile new Update is finally here on PUBG Mobile VN. You can download latest 2.6 version of this game. With this major update a lot of things will be introduce in the game. 

The 2.6 update will start rolling out from 16’th may 2023. All players will not receive this update in a same date or time. The update timing will vary with respect to various regions.

What's New in 2.6 Update?

There will be a lot of new features coming  with this update.

  • Primal Zone: Smaller area with full of supplies. Pterosaurs and Velociraptors will spawn here. By defeating them you can use it as a vehicle to travel across the map.
  • Dyno Park theme mode: The new theme mode will be available in both Erangel and Livik map. T-rex fossils can be obtain from here. After a specific time t-rex will spawn from it.
  • New companion spectating system: From now players can transform into their companions. Also they can perform its emotes and spectate around.
  • Ducati super bike collab: PUBG mobile will collab with the Ducati automaker. Some special superbike skins will be available in game.
  • New tactical weapon attachment:  A new type of tactical attachment, it can be use only in M16A4 & MK47. By using this you can convert these weapons as auto guns.
  • New material for guns: A new type of material will be available in game. You can obtain it from the RP shop by using extra RP points.
  • New companion: A new companion skin will be added in game. The companion will be like some small cute dinosaur.
  • Outfit customization: From now onwards players will be able to customize the color and looks of their outfit. It can only be done with royal pass outfits.

PUBG Mobile VN:

Fans of the original PUBG will find few differences between the two. The control system is a wonderful adaptation of the original version, as well as the objects and elements that you can interact with. You can also enter different types of buildings, drive vehicles, equip your weapons with accessories, use kits, etc.

The game perfectly adapts to your smartphone thanks to the different setup options. You can adjust the visuals as well as customize the controls to achieve a gaming experience that fits your preferences. Do keep in mind that this version has Vietnamese as its main language.

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FAQ For PUBG Mobile VN

Yes. PUBG MOBILE (VN) is free to play. However, it contains in-game purchases for exlusive skins or other items.

No! PUBG MOBILE is an online multiplayer game, which means you need to play the game with an internet connection.

The answer is YES! You can play PUBG MOBILE on PC and laptops, especially after the developer released its official PC emulator for this popular action game.

16’th May 2023. The new 2.6 update will be release.

Yes, It is banned in so many countries. Due to data security and violence gameplay.

VNG Game Publishing.

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When you start the game, an airplane drops all the players on a deserted island. The only way to get out of the island is to become the lone survivor. Since the game involves up to 100 players, it seems impossible to win the battle against such a huge number of participants. Unfortunately, the developers expect you to learn from experience, and you won’t find any tutorials in the Windows version.

PUBG has always been known for its exciting and abundant maps. With different terrain and expansive routes, you need to build a solid strategy to survive. Throughout the game, you’re vulnerable to attacks and need to use various weapons to keep yourself safe. While playing the game, you’ll find plenty of abandoned houses, buildings, factories, and warehouses. In the huge maps, weapons can be found scattered in different locations. In fact, you can also leverage wearable armor, gear, and other items to inflict damage upon your enemies.